Rail: The Origin

If you've listened to my most recent album (Cerebral) then you have heard one of my most favorite-est-est tracks. Rail has a bizarre story behind it. I wrote a motif that was inspired by native american chants (I am not an expert. I just thought it sounded awesome and thats what it reminded me of. I may be off base there on my terminology). Anywho, I wanted to originally have a baritone or bass voice sing the main melody and build a huge anthemic track out of it, but it did not work out as planned. I was goofing around and threw down a few electric guitar tracks under the melody to double that line. It started sounding fun so I added in a sweet simple tom fill with a muted low tom that was dampened to give it that campfire drum quality. The more I listened the more it started to remind me of a western train robbery. Except with electric guitars. A post apocalyptic train robbery. Yeah, that makes sense.

The song was pretty cool and I was ready to call it quits. Play an idea and double it. Boom: insta song. It was a cool color but overall it was still too boring to me. Stagnant music is pointless so I decided to take the track and shred it to pieces. The orchestration of the song in the beginning is semi thick. The sound in the second half is even thicker. In reality, it was just two instruments. The entire second half of the song is a drum kit playing a simple rhythm and a single piano playing 2 notes an octave apart on the quarter. Thats it! A repeating octave on piano and a simple drum recording that is looped. Insanity you say? Yes, I concur. hahaha

How in the crap did I make it so different throughout? Lots and lots of distortion :D. I used automations of distortions, phasing, high and low pass filtering, glitch edits, and a bunch of other stuff that is escaping my memory. 2 notes and a drum kit loop. It's like cheating except it works.


Check it out here and let me know what you think!